Boat charters specializing in dolphin tours, boat coaching, and booze cruises. We help people make lasting memories with family and friends on our boat adventures. Come experience Charleston, SC on the water.

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Mount Pleasant Boating Services

DelMar Charters

Dolphin Tours

Come along with us and see the dolphins! Our experienced captains know all of the right spots to get up close and personal with wildlife in a safe way.

DelMar Charters

Booze Cruise

Our group booze cruises are second to none if you want to elevate your event or just have a weekend treat. Experience an afternoon you will never forget with music, unique sightseeing, and your drinks of choice.

DelMar Charters

Bachelorette Boat Trip

You only get married once, so you may as well go all out. Our bachelorette boat parties are one of the many ways to make an already great weekend unforgettable. There isn't a better place to party than on the water with lots of room for dancing, games, and memory making.

DelMar Charters

Boat Coaching

Have you ever wanted to get out on the water, but just don't know where to start? We can help. Our boat coaching ensures that after completion you are ready to captain your vessel confidently for an afternoon in the ocean or on the lake!


Mount Pleasant and the surrounding waters is a beautiful place to take a boat out for a day ride. Coastal Mount Pleasant and Charleston have hundreds of great spots to collect shells or enjoy a delicious meal. DelMar Charters provides the means to enjoy a relaxing day on the water in which you can choose to have a private event, a business venture, or just a day out with friends/families. Our skippers have captained boats in Charleston for the majority of their lives so they are well equipped to keep your group safe and ensure you get interesting insider information that is only available through years of experience. We specialize in bachelorette parties, booze cruises, dolphins tours, and private/public general tours. Whichever way you choose to enjoy beautiful Mount Pleasant we can make sure that we accommodate and plan your day on the water exactly the way that you intended! 


Are you trying to find something new and exciting to do on your day off in the Mount Pleasant or Charleston area? We can help transform your lazy day into a relaxing day that you’ll never forget! DelMar Charters is a locally owned charter company that specializes in making offshore adventures as fun as possible. Our staff is experienced in the water but not so serious that we can’t match your party energy. Whether it be a fun outing with your family or a crazy bachelorette party, we’re able to plan accordingly. The personable aspect associated with a local company ensures that we value your business and will work closely with you to add custom aspects to your boating experience that will amplify the fun even more! Our boats are equipped with sound systems, BYOB coolers, and captains that are just as enthusiastic to take you out as you are to be there. 


We love local regulars just as much as we love our tourist friends. At DelMar Charters one of our core values is to have as much fun as possible while also having the expertise to keep you as safe as possible! If you’re more laid back and relaxed, we also love a good fishing trip. Anything that you’re able to enjoy on the water is better when you’re able to sit back and relax knowing that you’re in great hands that are happy that you’re there. Working with a local company also ensures that you charter is affordable and that the process is less strenuous. We’re extremely excited to have a blast with you on the water! Contact us at any point to turn your boring week into an exceptional amount of fun! 

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DelMar Charters

About DelMar Charters

DelMar Charters is a Charleston based boat charter company whose core values are fun and safety. We love spending afternoons on the water so we are always enthusiastic and ready to accommodate your every need. Our founder Marc DeLoach has been on the water his whole life and is excited to share the experience with you!

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