Boat coaching service located in Charleston. We help people make lasting memories with family and friends on our boat adventures. Come experience Charleston, SC on the water.

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Taking a boat into the ocean for the first time can be intimidating. Our experienced boat captains make it a breeze! Boat coaching is essential for an aspiring boat owner or current owner who is looking to improve their skills.  In any case, boat coaching can make any driver feel more confident in the water. Before anyone operates  boat it is important that you are an expert in basic navigation, boat etiquette including the rules of the road, terminology, procedures for certain weather conditions, map reading, and more. All of our boat instructors have essentially spent their entire lives on the water and the majority have lived in Charleston the whole time. This area of expertise ensures that you will increase your ability to operate a boat safely and have access to some Charleston secrets that only come from years of experience. 


Boat training isn’t only to your benefit but also to others on the water and the longevity of your boat. In addition to the basic training necessities, our experienced trainers will also advise you on the best way to maintain your boat so that your problems on the water are limited. In addition, our instructors can instruct you as to how to handle emergencies so that you and your passengers always feel safe on the water. Our training course also provides an opportunity to learn hands on as well as enjoy a beautiful day off the coast in Charleston. We intend to make sure that your training session(s) are a perfect mixture of learning and fun. 


Charleston is the perfect place for boating lessons because of the expansive access to different waterways in the area. You can learn to navigate the high seas and smaller inlets all within minutes of each other. In any case, Charleston is an environment in which our instructors can find a place that fits your comfort level in order to ensure a positive experience. This will make it easier to help you focus on the fundamentals so that you’re able to reduce the risk of property damage, personal injury, and other tragedies while on the water. At DelMar Charters we are all about making sure that you’re comfortable both during your training session and when you’re ready to captain your own ship. 

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