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Join us for an afternoon with the friendliest animals in the sea! DelMar Charters employs several captains that have been sailing in the Charleston area for years, so it’s safe to say that we know where to look. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Charleston is home to over 600 wild dolphins. Although you can often see dolphins from the shore, nothing beats seeing them in their deeper water natural habitat. Additionally, our captains are educated and experienced to ensure that your tour is both safe and fun. During your tour, our captains will also share their unique personal experience on the water, educated your group on the ecosystem, and as most are lifelong residents take you through the history of the area.


Dolphins are very social creatures that love interacting and being seen by animal lovers in the Charleston area! If you are a Charleston native who loves spending their afternoons outdoors or a tourist seeking an unforgettable day on the water, our dolphin tours are exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy a day of relaxation out on the water with an experienced captain who will show you some local dolphin hangouts, walk you through the rich history of the Charleston coast, and accommodate your group in any way possible to ensure that your day on the water is as special as possible! Book a tour today for a family trip, an evening out with friends, bachelor/bachelorette party, and ensure that you get the most out of your trip to the coast! 


Dolphins can be seen year round off the Charleston Coast and surrounding rivers! Spend an afternoon enjoying the incredible scenery, great drinks, and possibly make a stop in Shem Creek! Bottlenose Dolphins (native to Charleston) can jump up to fifteen feet out of water and our experienced captains can increase your chance of experiencing the wonders of aquatic nature first hand exponentially! Our dolphin tours are a must to add to your bucket list! Seeing dolphins from the shore is fun, but it doesn’t quite compare to experiencing these magnificent creatures up close and personal. Our captains know how to have as much fun as possible in the water while making sure that your group is safe and entertained. Additionally, you may also experience a dolphin behavior called strand feeding that can only be seen in South Carolina. Dolphins in our area have adapted a new strategy of hunting in which they quickly circle a school of fish in order to throw them onto the bank then actually strand themselves on the bank to eat their catch! The possibilities for new experiences are endless, and you won’t want to miss it. 

Charleston Dolphin Tours

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